Thursday, August 17, 2006


Before my vacation, I thought that I had lost my will to knit. It depressed me but I had no desire to knit a stitch. Then vacation happened. And I knit. Everyday. Lots. Proving to me that knitting was still a part of me. THEN. I went back to work. I feel overwhelmed and rushed all the time. I hardly knit again. I don't have the energy once dinner is over, dishes are done, laundry is rolling, my nightly walk. I have no energy left. It's not knitting. It's working. It's for the birds. Tonight I sat outside for a couple of minutes enjoying the August-ness of the evening. "August-ness"? It is when the sun sets noticeably earlier all of a sudden, when the crickets are singing a song so sweet that you can't help but stop to listen, when the birds lazily swoop in the twilight, the air is cool and sweet smelling. The sky? Sometimes it stuns.

After the humidity of July, the August sky colors are a bit brighter, bolder. Clearer.

Be safe, air travelers!

The reflection in the window of my new car! Shiny!